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Welcome to Profile Glazing Systems

Profile Glazing Systems

We are a company specialising in the design, fabrication and installation of steel glazing systems, including fire rated steel windows, doors and curtain walling.

The systems that we manufacture can achieve various BS and EN standards for
•    Fire ratings E30 to E120 and EI30 to EI120
•    Security ratings

All of our team are skilled at designing to suit the needs of each individual project, our ability to establish the requirements and configure the best solution for any project is unrivalled. Profiled steel glazing systems and steel curtain walling are our speciality and our strength.


We design, manufacture and install any of the following fire rated and non-fire rated steel glazing combinations –
    Single action rebated doorsets for both single and double leaf doors
    Double action non-rebated doorsets
    Automatic sliding doorsets
•    Automatic and assisted opening swing doors
•    Fully framed glazed screens
    Butt jointed glazed screens
    Glass floors
•    Curtain walling
    Roof lanterns

All can be designed to accommodate internal or external use, with or without a thermal break. The combination of these systems can be used to help achieve nearly any design, assisting architects to achieve their design concept whilst producing a building that is fit for purpose and fully functioning.

The UK building industry has one of the strictest codes in Europe with regard building control and building standards. It is now common practice for architects to design work spaces, public buildings of all types and even domestic dwellings to allow as much natural light into the building as possible. It is a proven fact that natural light is beneficial to health but also can assist in reducing the need for artificial lighting, saving on fuel and therefore reducing costs.

As part of the building control & fire regulations, partitioning and escape routes will be built into the design. This is where we come in, our systems have the capability to work with the fire regulations and at the same time create a light and pleasant environment. Our team have a combined range of experience within the glazing industry of well over 50 years, we can offer glazing solutions for any type of building that has to achieve a specific standard for fire, security or safety in accordance with the building regulations..